Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great book on the untold Truth

I love ths book because the author started out as a concerned parent about to have kids. So he went out to do research to find out what would be best for his kids regarding vaccines. The conlclusions he came up with now make him one of the biggest proponents against vaccines. He is not anit-medicine, or anti drugs (like me). He is a parent who wanted the best for his kids.

He shows you facts like most vaccines contain, mercury, formaldahyde and aluminum just to name a few. These chemicals and toxins are in there for the sole purpose of making the vaccine shelf life longer so not as much of the drug companies profits are eaten up by "spoiled" vaccines.

This book shows anyone who is willing to look at the facts (he sites all the articles, journals and exact location to find the hundreds of references he uses) how vaccines are causing more damage than good.

Many people think vaccines got rid of polio, measles and all the other diseases we have vaccines for. Using the National Institues of Health data the author shows you how this probably is not the case.

If you graph the number of people who had a disease against time you would get a bell curve graph for all diseases we have vaccines for. The interesting part of this graph is the date the vaccines were introduced for those diseases. One would think they were introduced near the top of the bell curve.

When in fact ALL of the vaccines were introduced at least half way down the bell curve, and most when the disease was almost gone by itself. By the time the vaccines were gone, the disease had already run it's course. The interesting part is also that past disease like most plagues that never had vaccines invented, has the exact same graph as those that have vaccines.

The list goes on and on and the author will help show you how if you truly want your kid to be healthy, vaccines will not do that. In fact, exactly the opposite will happen.

You might be thinking, but my kid won't be able to go to school. Or I cannot travel abroad. Yes you can. There are ways to easily have your kid go to school and travel with out being vaccinated. Most people just do not tell you about them.

If you want to know for youself and feel confident in your decision Not to vaccinate your kid this book will help.

There is also a website 909shot . com. It is the National Vaccine Information Center that gives all sorts great resources as well.

And if you want a great book that will really give your child total health, The Creator's Manual for Your Body is a great book to do exactly that.

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