Thursday, January 31, 2008

People's comments on vaccines and autism

1. The absolute number of antibodies does not confer immunity; you could have a very high titre to a particular pathogen and still get the disease, or conversely, you can have no measurable antibodies and be immune. Memory cells, not levels of antibodies, mediate the immunity conferred by natural exposure/infection. Synthetic vaccinations are deemed to be "effective" based on antibody titres - that’s why vaccination is such a dangerous con and why vaccinated individuals still get those diseases.
As with so many areas of ‘modern medicine’ this is another theory designed around a profitable ‘treatment’, rather than honest, sound science.

2. Thank you for this link. I wish the information was available 22 years ago when vaccines were forced on us, without adequate warning of the risks and deception.
My firstborn son has been autistic since the DPT vaccination. It's tragic to wonder how his life would have been different without that tragic turn.

3. New study out of Harvard:
Mercury levels in brains of those autopsied w/autism had 68.2% higher mercury levels. Though, it's a correlation the study says.
My child started having seizures after her 15 month MMR. Genetics are certainly involved, but the vaccines seemed to be the rug pulled out from under her.
They'd rather be politically correct than to at least ask questions. I don't care if they found mercury was not the cause of ASD, but you never shut the book on questions. That is not a true scientist.

4. I never heard of a vaccine without a harmful side effect.

5. I was about to say that the only vaccines I know of, without harmful side effects are the ones that are left in their boxes. But having pondered for several seconds, I imagine their has development has caused harmful side effects - "I exist (albeit in an unopened box), therefore I have"

6. This is an outstanding video!! I am happy to add yet another educated, very knowledgeable expert to my list on this issue. Most is not new news to me. But I am happy to forward this video to others! Thanks for the great video! Let's hope that many will take the time to watch and listen to this important information. Knowledge is power!

7. Keep fighting the fight. I will continue to be a mamabear when it comes to vaccines for my family. When my firstborn was an infant, I switched from a pediatrician to a family practictioner because I was tired of being berated and lectured for my belief that vaccines are worse for you than the disease. Dex I am so sorry about your son.

8. theres a tv show airing this thursday evening i believe it's on abc called "eli stone" thats a fictional story about a lawsuit filed on behalf of parents that have an austistic child and blame the vaccine for it..should be interesting...

9. Researchers this week identified two separate genetic defects linked to autism, one that directly causes the disorder in about 1% of cases and a second that may play a role in a much larger percentage of patients by increasing their susceptibility to environmental or other genetic influences.
1% is a genetically direct cause. The other genetic defect is INFLUENCIAL, either increasing their susceptibility to environmental (i.e., mercury) or other genetic influences. I saw no indication that it's "for the most part genetic". Perhaps you can provide us a link and a quote that claims this?

10. Also please look at what happens in the body after a vaccine is administered. Because the vaccines do not get filtered by the gut and then the liver they can wreck havoc all over the body (free floating formaldehyde, aluminium, etc).
The body's response causes a drastic lowering of vitamins, especially A. Another problem is when the sulfur-based detox pathway in the liver is compromised and mercury, aluminum, etc cannot be filtered out once they finally reach the liver.
There are a few doctors in America who have had success with treatments such as IV Vitamin A therapy.
Our children are exposed to so many toxins nowadays that vaccines typically are the straw that breaks the camel's back.

11. You probably never had a child of yours go from normal at 15 months to terrible regression after receiving the MMR. My son has ASD, and lost some of his hearing. ASD is NOT hereditary. I could go into all the details of watching him slip away after the MMR vaccine, but suffice it to say we finally found a good DAN doctor to treat him. He will recover, but I will never believe thimersol had nothing to do with his disorder. I fully believe there is an agenda to poison as many children with mercury laden vaccines as possible. This will create a generation of controllable slaves for the new world order. If that sounds too hard to believe, go check it out for yourself. By the way, many of the big pharma companies are the heirs of nazi eugenics experimentation data. Connect the dots.

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