Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CDC paid off by big Pharma


1)The CDC is not providing accurate information about measles
2)Measles vaccination has made measles more dangerous than it used to be.

Including the evidence deaths declined by 99.4% before vaccination, which just by itself invalidates vaccination. And if you follow the graph down to today it would be 2-3 deaths which is a fraction of what MMR kills. Even though the government has paid out for MMR deaths they still deny it kills and is completely safe, which sums up people like Salisbury.

Of course, the big vaccine killer is the fact Vitamin C would prevent all deaths and make vaccination unecessary, hence all deaths and vaccine reactions like autism, known since 1949, which kind of exposes Allopathy in a big way.

Then you have the fact it is harmless under proper medical care, even without vitamin C. And we all know how they fearmonger diseases to sell vaccination.

As for measles incidence, it is just a smokescreen to hide the deaths decline facts which show up vaccination.

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