Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vaccines are Poisons

All Vaccines are poisons. None are necessary. 50% of Medical Schools teach 1 nutrition class, and the other 50% teach ZERO. Medical Doctors chase around disease after disease. The researchers get paid to research and "find a cure." There is no money in it for the Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies for a person to take whole food supplements and be healthy! The whole system loves the white flour, high fructose syrup, synthetic vitamins like Centrum etc... that only make you sicker! They love Mcdonalds etc... Solution is preventative medicine. Linus Pauling, Bernard Jenson, Mr. Bragg , Jack La Lanne etc... Omega 3's and Vitamin D3 is crucial!
Prevent all the diseases .... we don't need to name more diseases. Everyone should be taking cod liver oil daily! It has omegas, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E.
SIDS is a Vitamin C problem. Many JAMA or other Medical journals from the last 50 years back up the science that proved success through preventative medicine with proper Nutrition.

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